Our Basic Christian Doctrines

The following is a statement of our position of basic Christian doctrines. It is our resolution to take an uncompromising stand on the essential doctrines of the faith, and extend the right hand of fellowship to all who hold to them. It is also our resolution to protect the liberty of Christians who hold different perspectives on the non-essential doctrines. We are committed to truth and accuracy in doctrine, but also understand that one can hold right doctrines and still do damage to the body of Christ by causing divisions over the non-essentials. We are therefore just as committed to the essential Christian character, believing that in all things there must be charity. As the apostle stated, The goal of our instruction is love, from a pure heart and a sincere faith (I Timothy 1:5). That, too, is our goal and commitment as we promote the following teachings that we hold as truth:

On the Person of Jesus

Jesus Christ, is the Word (Logos) of God. The Word was with God in the beginning, which states His pre-existence as one with God. By him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth (Colossians 1:16), therefore making Jesus the Creator. Jesus Christ is the Purpose of God found in all creation. He is the Fathers delight and desire, and the Father is looking for the reflection of His Son in all created things. Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. In the beginning, it was the ultimate purpose of God for all things to be summed up in Christ (Ephesians 1:10).

There is one God, and one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus (I Timothy 2:5). All who seek restoration and fellowship with God must go through Jesus and cannot approach God through any person, spirit or doctrine. It is also a supreme presumption for any person or institution to seek to be mediator for others in place of Christ Jesus Himself.

The apostolic commission was for his followers to labor until Christ was formed in His church. When Jesus is lifted up, He will draw all people tp Himself. We consider it the primary purpose of the church to esteem and exalt Jesus in every way. To return to our first Love, that we might passionately devote ourselves to pleasing Him in all things while we are preparing for his return.

On Man

We believe that man was created by God from the dust of the earth, without sin or the knowledge of good and evil. The first man Adam, transgressed the command of God, and as God had warned, the process of death entered him and all of his descendants because of that transgression. Therefore, all have sinned and are worthy of the sentence of death. Because of our unrighteousness, we are unable to approach a holy God, except through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus. Through Jesus, we not only can come before the Throne of Grace, but we may approach it boldly since our confidence is not in ourselves, but in the Lord Jesus

On the Atonement

Because all have sinned and are therefore under the sentence of death, all must trust in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus for the remission of sins. There is no other way to reconcile with God or escape from eternal judgement, except through the propitiatory sacrifice of Jesus.

Those who trust in Jesus Christ have access to the Throne of Grace by his sacrifice and by his sacrifice alone. Good works are acceptable to God only as a love offering given to Him because of his Worthiness, and have no bearing on our acceptance, standing or approval, all of which were accomplished by the cross. Good works offered for the purpose of acceptance, standing or approval are therefore an affront to the cross by which all of these things were gained for us by Jesus. Good works are not offered for His approval, but for His joy and glory, and must be offered through the Son (1 Peter 2:5) in obedience to Him. Therefore, the goal of our service is obedience and not sacrifice.

On the New Birth

Believing in our hearts that Jesus is the Son of God and in his propitiation made for our salvation results in a regeneration and renewal that constitutes our new birth into new creations. Although this does not imply immediate perfection in our temporal life or lifestyle, it does mean that true faith will result in a radical change in us. Being born again implies a new beginning, not an ending. Christian maturity in faith, truth and life is a process. Even so, this process must begin with spiritual regeneration or new birth. While it is possible to change our behavior without regeneration, changing our hearts requires a new birth, and it is our hearts upon which God Looks.

On the Lords Supper

We acknowledge the ordinance of the Lords Supper in remembrance of Jesus and as a testimony of our communion ( common-union ) with Him in His body, the church. We consider it a holy ordinance, but we do not accept the teaching that communion is for the purpose of remitting sins, which Scripture testifies is based solely in the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross ( Hebrews 9:25-28 ).

On Water Baptism

We believe that water Baptism should be by immersion and accomplished immediately after commitment to the Lordship of Jesus and His atoning sacrifice for our sins. This ordinance is a personal and public statement of faith in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ on our behalf, and is a commitment to lay down our lives to be one with Him in His death, burial and resurrection.

On the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

We believe that the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is an additional impartation which may be subsequent to regeneration (see Acts 8:15-17 and Acts 19:1-6). This Baptism is usually accomplished by the gifts of the Spirit, such as speaking in tongues, prophecy, etc. The purpose of the baptism in the Holy Spirit is to impart power to the believer to be a witness for Jesus (Acts 1:8 and Acts 5:32).

On the Present Ministry of the Holy Spirit

We believe that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever ( Hebrews 13:8) and that His ministry in and through the church by the Holy Spirit has not changed from the beginning.